The season for family fun, goodwill, and tradition is quickly approaching! In the surrounding areas, holiday joy and festivities close out the end of the year with varying shows, feasts, and parades. Wherever you go in Walworth County, there is always something full of holiday cheer!

You’ve Heard of Elf on the Shelf – How About an Elf on the Stage!

The Fireside Theater is a well-known location in Fort Atkinson, a little over half an hour away from Delavan Lake Resort. This facility accommodates a wide range of musical talent year-round. Gourmet meals to fit the theme of the show give a well-balanced meaning of ‘dinner and a show’. There is always something to admire about the Fireside. This year the Fireside’s holiday show is Elf the Musical, with fun-filled characters you’ve come to know and a talented cast that brings them to life on the stage. Join Buddy the Elf on his journey to find his family in New York City.  Fill your vacation with a night of fun at the theater.

Horse Drawn Holidays

The holidays are always filled with tradition passed down from generation to generation, but how were traditions different in colonial times? Old World Wisconsin brings an answer through ‘An Old-World Christmas’. Located 30 minutes away from Delavan Lake Resort, this place will take you back to life in 1800s America during the holiday season. See how immigrants brought some of the traditions we know of today to Wisconsin, participate in horse-drawn sleigh rides, drink hot cider or wassail, or help bake traditional holiday bread. Make this another memory to look back on years later, and when you’re done, return to the resort to cozy up next to the fireplace and take away the winter chill.

Ice Castles Coming to Lake Geneva!

Ice castles are a newer holiday delight that has swept across America. These monstrous ice structures are unique like snowflakes: none are the same. This year, Lake Geneva is the Wisconsin site for these castles, which is a short distance from Delavan Lake Resort. The castles will open mid-December, but you could likely see people building them prior to the unveiling. The best time to see the sculptures is recommended at night. This is when the multicolored lights come on to dance across the ice. Buy your tickets and come see the incredible castles fit for any snow king or queen!