Fishing Guide for Lake Delavan

Delavan Lake is a large 1900+-acre body of water that runs as deep as 52 feet. The lake is home to Muskie, Northern Pike, Walleye, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass and Panfish. The lake is prolific with fish and some in the trophy range, but you do have to know where and when to find them. [...]

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What Are Some of the Best Ways to Spend Time in the Delavan Lake Area?

Whether you love spending time outdoors, taking a walk in an art museum or are up for a more adventurous activity, the Delavan Lake area has something to offer guests of all ages. The Delavan Lake area has plenty of hiking and biking trails for those that love to enjoy nature, festivals throughout the year, [...]

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The History of Delavan

Once covered by a glacier, the town of Delavan was first inhabited by Native Americans around 1000 B.C. Over time, Mound Builders moved into the Delavan Lake area, building over 200 effigy mounds along the north shore. Potawotomi Indians were also settled in the area, and burial mounds can still be seen in Assembly Park. [...]

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